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McDonalds goes brandless


Interesting strategy here. McDonald’s has set up a number of shops in Japan, simple called Quarter Pounder. Yup, you guessed it: this is a promotion for the Quarter Pounder, a burger previously unheard of in japan. So The restaurant has positioned itself as an upscale burger joint. Gone are the golden arches and the stupid clown. And with this strategy, it looks like Micky D’s hopes to do away with all the bias that comes will all the equity of the McDonald’s brand. So here’s a question: what do you think people will do once they realize they’ve been duped by the fast food chain?

Via creativity online.

2 Responses to “McDonalds goes brandless”

  1. Wes Says:

    The whole thing smacks of Microsoft’s Mojave Project — when your brand gets to a point where you have to say, “Wait we’re not really that bad, see its not as bad as everyone thought it was,” you need to get back to the fundamentals.

  2. benchun Says:

    I barely know her!

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