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Quantum science, systems thinking, life processes, and the role of meaning

So I just read two books that are blowing my mind. They are by Margaret Wheatley, a systems theorist and organizational development expert. Her specialty is to learn from super complex natural systems (like the universe, and life), and to suggest how these lessons might be applied in our organizations and in our approaches to living. I’m still processing the stuff, so I won’t try to summarize it here or anything. But seriously, if you like to wonder, pick up one of these books:

Leadership and the New Science

A Simpler Way

And if anyone’s got some more of this kind of material, send it my way, please.

2 Responses to “Quantum science, systems thinking, life processes, and the role of meaning”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Kevin Kelly’s “Out of Control”
    Steven Johnson’s “Emergence”
    and you would love the book I am currently reading: Robert Cialdini’s “Influence”

    also – sometimes their lectures touch on this stuff. Stewart Brand & Kevin Kelly are all over it.

  2. richard Says:

    Axel, many thanks for the tip off. Meg Wheatley is a remarkable person, who I had never come across before. I’ve spent much of the afternoon listening to interviews, watching videos and reading a few pieces by her. Uncommon sense indeed.

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