Big Little Things

New York days


We’re in New York City this week playing with a few clients and digging on the city. Last time we were here, this place kicked our asses pretty good. We worked too hard and played even harder and by the end our stay we were mere shells of our former selves. Ridiculously fun, but not sustainable. This time, we’ve given ourselves a few extra days with no obligations to allow ourselves to adjust, to open ourselves to all the surprising stuff that rises unbidden out of the city, and to give ourselves the time to meet some random good people.

So if you’re in town this week, come have a drink with us. We’re gathering the troops this Thursday night, at The Back Room (102 Norfolk St) in the lower east side. I look like a Jewish baby Elvis, and Axel has a white stripe in his hair. If you’re in town, we’d love to meet you.

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