Big Little Things

Shoulda hired us

Aren’t they supposed to be big-time?

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. Like anyone in the world anywhere actually intends to settle for a network that sucks. How exactly does this help me choose Boost?

And in case you hadn’t noticed, every single wireless provider is talking about their network right now. Way to differentiate, Boosters. It’s a sure sign that your industry is becoming a commodity when you’re all competing on table stakes.

How about telling me how good your customer service is? Or hell, tell me having your phone will get me laid. Or for fuck’s sake, at least try to entertain me. Jeez.

2 Responses to “Shoulda hired us”

  1. Shawn Liu Says:

    Is ‘Unlimited’ part of this company’s name? And did you do anything to the picture, or did they choose florescent blue??

  2. josh kamler Says:

    nope and nope.

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