Big Little Things

The kids are most definitely alright





Christopher Simmons‘ CCA design students fucking rocked the house with their final interpretations of our manifesto series. If you’ve seen ‘em—and you can download them there on the right if you haven’t—you know that their design is quite understated. So it was a pleasure to see such graphic treatment of the work. And it was clear that the students worked their asses off between our first critique of their concepts and the presentation of their final pieces. For lack of space we’re not able to show all the fantastic work these students did, but let’s just say that if you’re looking to hire a designer in a couple years, remember these names:

Igor Zhoglo
Oona Lyons
Clara Daguin
Kim Ciabattari
Emily Craig
Kelly Mclachlan
Brian Nguyen
Fumi Nakamura
Harrison Pollock
Ethan Davis

And we’d like to give special thanks to Emily and Clara, who gave us some gorgeous comps to take home.

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