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Shoulda hired us

wow, this is bad.
This, in case it isn’t mind-barfingly obvious, is a mess. I saw it while standing in line at the post office, and I was immediately transported to the meeting in which this guacamole was presented:

“We call this concept Jedi, and it offers your audiences a chance to fulfill their dreams of being a Jedi Master of shipping-slash-mailing. Now, you’ll notice the that whole wordmark is framed in the signature Star Wars enclosing shape—this is so that people will immediately know it’s a Star Wars thing. But we want to make sure that all the valuable brand equity of the USPS gets a strong first read too, so we put that in the upper left, which is where the eye moves after first reading the centerpiece. It’s also important that the main Star Wars master brand support this identity, so we’ve built that in to the enclosing shape in the bottom right, which is the traditional place for signatures and endorsements, and we think this balances wonderfully with the USPS brand in the upper right. The result is a strongly aspirational promise of Jedi mastery of shipping-slash-mailing, clearly tied to the sponsoring brands, which support the promise by lending their brand equities to the whole composition.”

Kill me.

4 Responses to “Shoulda hired us”

  1. Jason Santa Maria Says:

    Ooof. At the VERY least, they should have made this feel less like a fat man cramming himself onto a couch with only a cheek’s worth of room left. Ditch the USPS colors and make the logo look like something from Star Wars. Awful.

  2. Audrey Says:

    Leave it to the post office to align themselves with things 30 years out of date. The R2D2 mailboxes are pretty cute though, as are the Triumph interviews with fans.

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